Artus is an open and versatile creative art studio, the meeting point of different people, ideas, art forms and disciplines.

Artus denotes both the company of Gábor Goda and a 2000 m2 space for art creation – the Artus Studio – that was shaped from a former abandoned factory building – as well as the collective of 30 artists working here, and also the Association that provides the infrastructural background for our work.

Artus Company is an independent, contemporary, interdisciplinary art company, founded in 1985. We have created more than 100 performances since our establishment, and performed in more than 25 different countries around the world. We have been organizing international projects, residencies and co-productions since the very beginning.

Among the regular programs of the studio are the productions of Artus Company, guest performances, visual art exhibitions, musical and other cultural events, as well as self-awareness and movement workshops and trainings.

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EPHEMER WORKS – the essence of Artus

Presenting our performances to public is usually preceded by nearly a year long preparation.
Ephemer Works is, however, a performance that is born within a single day. The performing artists of Artus create a unique, unrepeatable one-off performance-event during a single day of intensive rehearsal, centered around a specific theme for the night. Thus, each Ephemer Works is a premiere and a final appearance, a first and last show at the same time. Anything happening in the course of each event will never be seen in that very form ever again.

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„Facing the Fish”
NEW GENERATION program of Artus

The program is aimed at supporting young, innovative artists and performers in their first steps on the outset of their artistic career.