Weight-Flow Contact – 3 day training / basics

Training of human relationships
– 3 days –

12-14 May 2023
training leader: Gábor Goda

Friday: 16pm-20pm
Saturday: 10am-16pm
Sunday: 10am-16pm

Maximum number of participants: 18 person
Registration is required: click here

What will happen?

This training will probably shake you up.
It will inspire you to live a quality life and to have quality relationships. At the same time, it gives you a clue how to do so. Through these exercises, we sometimes break through walls that have been built by social taboos or personal trauma.
We are going to change, and this is going to affect our surroundings
as well.

What is Weight-Flow Contact?

We move, practice, experience – and then bring our experiences to the level of consciousness.
Three days of movement, physical exercises, real encounters rich in touch, and an attentive presence towards yourself and your peers. You can experience how you function in your relationships and what you can do in order to experience them as valuable.