Artus Contemporary Art Association is a public benefit organization providing infrastructural background for the running of the Studio and Company.


Name: Artus Kortárs Művészeti Egyesület (HU) // Artus Contemporary Art Association (EN)

Seat: 1116 Budapest, Hunyadi Mátyás út 29.

Postal address: 1518 Budapest Pf. 66

Tax number: 18060157-2-43

Objectives of the Association:

The main goal of the Association is to support and give space to cultural activities which are centered around meeting the needs of both the society and the individual. We aim to create and spread the productions to be born out of this purpose in wide public, as well as develop the national and international partnership network of ARTUS Contemporary Art Association.

Furthermore, we aim to operate and develop an „artwork studio”, which can also give the opportunity to young talented artists and groups besides the members of Artus to realize their artistic concepts and visions.

The Association can provide support to artists, creators and creative communities.

Association Officials:

Gábor Goda – President

Tibor Nádor – Vice-president

Margit Hodován – Secretary

Judit Rabóczky – audit committee member

Gábor Király – audit committee member

Ede Sinkovics – audit committee member

Contact address in case of association issues:

Information regarding association membership:

The membership of the Association can be afforded to both natural and legal person with accepting the conditions and objectives stated by the Association, and agreeing to its Statute, as well as paying the annual membership fee.

The person who supports and enhances the objectives of the Association by his/her outstanding activities in the field of contemporary art on behalf of the Association, can become the Honorary Member of the Association. The Honorary Members are favoured to be invited to the events organized by the Association. Honorary Member can only be a natural person.