Artus Studio – Our place

ARTUS is located in Sztregova street, in the XI. district of Budapest – in a big factory building behind Fonó Music House of Buda.

The diverse space used for theatre work and the exhibition hall’s area almost float into each other.

The glass-brick walls of the staircase lead to the upper floor and its unheated, yet bright fine art ateliers.

The old factory building preserves the historical layers of the past Artus performances, as well as the factory’s original shape. The individual venues were never designed for a single specific function, but rather gained their current shape by everyday usage for art creation, and thus became places full of life, rich with history, never to be finished, constantly changing spaces.

“Fox Spirit”

Artus Studio gives space to the art creation and rehearsals of the Company, own productions as well as guest performances, exhibitions, theatre and visual art workshops, Tai Chi Chuan classes, Weight-flow Contact trainings, and other self-awareness, movement or martial arts workshops, occasionally hosting smaller or bigger outer events, too.

exibition hall
rehearsal room (1)
dressing room
rehearsal room (2)

Space/Introductory video