Artus – Contact hall


The exhibition space of Artus launched in 2001 had been operated by the professional assistance, leadership and management of the fine artists working in the ateliers of Artus (Artus residents), namely Tibor Nádor and later Balázs Fischer, up till 2019, resulting in a number of high standard exhibitions complying with the refined taste of the multidisciplinary art community.

In 2019 the exhibition space of Artus had run through considerable renewal regarding both its name, management and artistic concept.

The new name of the exhibition space: ARTUS – CONTACTSPACE

Leaders, curators:
Judit Csanádi, the artistic leader of ARTUS – CONTACTSPACE, together with Tibor Nádor and Gábor Goda.


We perceive the contemporary art as an entity without genre borders. Thus, we wish to present works of such artists, who cross the conventional genre borders, and walk their own path with their sovereign works of art, rather that following current art trends.

We wish to select works from the widest circle possible, from creations of classical genre, through conceptual, intermedia, space – and sound – installations, to performance art works. Our goal is to give space to works of consistent, creative artists with regard to key issues of the current age, and environment, who are committed to social issues as well, and reflect on them, while having an experimenting spirit.  We intend to offer an opportunity for creation to individuals and/or groups of artists collaborating with each other, who reflect on the space of creation with their work, too, in the form of site-specific works, in the first place.

Furthermore, we intend to give space to interactive, performative projects and experiments besides the more traditional exhibitions based on the observer attitude of the audience.

Apart from inviting well-established artists, we will enhance inspiring collaborations with young artists at the sprout of their careers, among others with the Master Studies Department of MOME and the Post Gradual Studies Department of The Hungarian University of Fine Arts.