Premiere – TANDEM

theatrical balancology

coproduction of Artus Studio & Kompánia Társulat

12;13 march 2022
Artus Studio

Performer creators:
Zita Mayer, Zoltán Mózes
Coreographer & creative collaborator:
Tamás Bakó
Space-visual designer & creative collaborator:
Máté Lukács, Mihály Lukács
Light designer:
Gábor Kocsis
Music composer & creative collaborator :
László Lukács
External consultant:
Gábor Goda

TANDEM is experimenting with the possibilities of balance, equality and the problems of common decision. The 26 years long theatrical cooperation of the two performer-director gave birth to the idea of this play which is created and directed by them. They focus on what interest them nowadays, what gives them inspiration in the present, meanwhile the play undoubtedly holds a mirror up to their mutual past and feeds on it too. The creative process gives space to ideas and makes a way of thinking possible in eclectic genres. The performance is balacing among personal, performative, fine arts and musical aspects.


In view of the current situation, Artus is acting watchfully:

– decreasing the number of tickets to half capacity and keeping distance between seats
– disinfecting the seats, door handles and the toilets with extra care
– promoting online ticket purchase
– kindly asking you to keep the social distance while waiting
– to protect others stay at home if you feel sick or do not feel well

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!