Gábor Goda: One-Day-Turn

The apparition

I saw myself standing on a hilltop, slowly turning around my axis. Simply turning around. A single turnaround, but done during a whole day cycle, that is, in 24 hours. In exactly as much time as the Earth turns around its own axis. I am standing for a full day, I move slowly, I turn in synchrony with the Earth, I become one with Her.

According to my apparition, I am due to accomplish this turn several times in future: at various points around the world, amidst nature, but perhaps, at crowded squares of big cities, too. I know that later I will not have to turn alone.


The first One-Day Turn (23rd May 2010, Hungary – Pilis Mountains)
The second One-Day-Turn (6th January 2011, Israel – Negev Desert)
The Third One-Day-Turn (21st June 2011, Hungary – Pilis Mountains)
The Fourth One-Day-Turn (21st June 2012, Hungary – Pilis Mountains)