Dorsanski – Kiss – Fuladvand


Match performance and exhibition opening

exhibiting artists/players :

Adrienn Dorsanski
Adrienn Kiss
Zahra Fuladvand

The group exhibition is a collaboration project of the Artus Studio and the Doctoral School of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts.

The hegemony of vision, which seemed to be so obvious since the Rationalism, has been questioned by most twentieth-century philosophers because of rising doubts about appearances and illusions. Through vision, the space in which we move is not perfectly perceptible in every situation.
These were the starting points that inspired us to develop a performance that reflects the complexity of space perception.
What could be a better example of the presentation of muscular and tactile senses than game and sport?
This is how we came up with our concept of a badminton game – and the installation of the associated court- which we play unusual ways by variously interfering with some of our senses, thereby directing attention to alternative ways of sensing space.
The participants of the group also show individual works related to the topic.

In addition to the opening of the exhibition, the performance can be watched on the following days starting at 5:30 pm, but these occasions are subject to registration! (follow the link after the date, and go for the free ticket!)

1:24. (Friday)
1:31. (Friday)
2:04. (Tuesday)

We welcome everybody warmly!