Zsennye – Beech-lines, 2013

Our artistic work is often directly inspired by a nature element or an intensified phenomenon.

Stones, soil, wood, water, wind, the Sun, sunsplinters… Closeness of the mothernature’s spirit can be felt somehow even in the ex-fabric building of Artus Studio.

We had two creative retreats in the first two part of the progress of Sutra whereby we gave birth to many nature-art plays. The entire play will be finished until next spring.

The first 10 days long retreat took place in the ancient park of Bezerédj castle in Zsennye in August 2013. The working process was going on within the frame of the castle, the park and a several hundred years old beech. The nature-art, living space-installations created during the retreat in Zsennye were built for ”stringing in” the surrounding and the man.

In the Beech-lines we built up an external sensor stringsystem between the actors and the tree and the brenches of the tree. This entire system was based on the human neurotic system. A living instrument was born which got its sounds by the Sun, the wind and the actors’ actions.

Every participant made his own creation which were recorded on video as a performance procedure.

Participating artists:
Antal Bodóczky, Márton Debreczeni , Áron Goda, Gábor Goda, Bea Gold, Gábor Kocsis, Zoltán Mózes, Ágoston Nagy, Gáspár Téri, Melinda Virág