1+1=1 (For Tibor with love) – 2013

Premiere: 22nd March 2013, Trafó

Body – Building – Sound
Space – Universe – String
Man – Book


Gábor Goda and the Artus Company created the universe of the performance out of sounds of building, the spaces of body, surprising strings and by making the opposites upside down. The fixed constructions start to move, the building becomes alive, spirit and material go through each other. The „1+1=1” is a postmodern alchimic operation.

The space of performance, the Trafó building in our case as a living body represented an elemental part of creation process. The stage and the spectators’ chairs dissolved into a small isle: the viewers sitting at round tables watch the evolving scenes on various spots in the space. The play is offered for the founder of MU Theatre, Tibor Leszták who died in 2008 and it is about what he and many of us have been looking for: one plus one makes one.

“Goda summed up the production with 15 participants as: „A series of that kind of images that we loved or we would’ve loved.” He didn’t add with whom because it isn’t necessary. The 80-minutes long „audiovisual physical theatre” is a garlang of absurd, risky, unexpected, surprising, funny, poetical and original sketches. The most important and most common feature is the simplicity. It also got a deeper, sacral and symbolic meaning just as the pile of dirt put on the people or the movie projected to a pearl canvas about the building, the nooks and spaces of Trafó.” (Krisztina Horeczky)

Gábor Goda about the performance inspiration and its concept

Tibor gave me a book on Mu, the sunken ancient culture. I didn’t read it. I put it aside. And when I did want to read it, I could not find it. Three years after he gave me this book, he died. Three days after, I found the book. Mu is a civilisation that disappeared 12,5 thousand years ago. A myth, legend, history, make-belief, reality: it doesn’t matter. It is a memory that reminds us that some time in the future we will also disappear and after we’re gone, a new cultural generation will come. The humanity of the present is of an only-child-conscience and the memory of Mu is its psychical tragedy. But the performance is not about the contents of this book, but rather the phenomenon of receiving, loosing and finding something. About perceiving extraordinary and important relations that are not outspoken. About a frame of mind, a way of thinking that Tibor always represented, what he was looking for and what he offered a space for. The reason why he founded MU theatre. /G.G./

One waterdrop plus another waterdrop makes one waterdrop. „1+1=1” – delimitation – separation, elimination of borders between spaces, people, objects and the borders of inside and outside. Every single person is a universe. Two people together are also a universe. People together are a universe. One plus one is one.


The space between planets and orbs is vast. The proportions of the galaxy and the atomic structure are the same. Thus our material bodies are rather space than matter – we are more nothing thatn something. Space is endless both inwards and outwards. Man is endless inwards and outwards both in matter and spiritually.


Body and building as instrument. Musical composition of a building. The structural rythm of a building is a musical rythm. Geometrical proportions converted into a melody.


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Bodóczky Antal, Boross Martin, Debreczeni Márton, Ferencz Krisztina, Goda Gábor, Gold Bea, Jónás Vera, Juhász András, Kocsis Gábor, Mózes Zoltán, Nagy Ágoston, Téri Gáspár, Tucker András, Vargha Márk Péter, Virág Melinda


Goda Gábor