Biography of Gábor Goda

director – choreographer

Born in Budapest, 1960

Founder and leader of ARTUS Studio. As a child, he studies cello and does pentathlon and archery on professional level. 

1978-79 spends 1 year of compulsory military service as pontooner.

1979 – starts his studies at the Department of Civil Engineering at the Technical University of Budapest, trains to be a bridge engineer, but after 3 years leaves school.

1981 – starts his theatre and dance studies at the pantomime company of András M. Kecskés called Corpus, which he is a member of until 1984. (Other company members at that time: Jozef Nadj “Szkípe”, László Rókás, Péter Uray, Ágnes Tana Kovács, Erzsébet Ábrahám, Csaba Virág, László Hudi etc).

1982- meets László Fülöp (1931-2016) architect and visual artist, whom he honors as his mentor and highly regards as a friend.

László Fülöp and Gábor Goda

1983-84 member of the Movement Theatre Class at Katona József Színház in Kecskemét. (director: István Malgót)

1984-85 Studies movement theatre direction at Budapest Community Education Institute (master: Zoltán Kárpáthy).

1985 – Establishes his own theatre company entitled Artus. Since then, he has been working as author, choreographer, director and performer at Artus.

1986 – Organizes the first I. French Contemporary Dance Theatre Workshop, with well-known teachers: Jozef Nadj, Thierry Bay, Gerard Gourdot

Since 1986, he practices and teaches Contact Improvisation (masters: Steve Paxton, Jozef Nadj, Mark Tompkins)

1992 –  Co-founds the Contemporary Dance- and Theatre Studio with Ferenc Kálmán at the MU Theatre in Budapest.

1994 – Spend 3 months at New Zealand with his company, collaborating with the Auckland-based Human Garden (Shona McCullagh) dance company.

1994 – First time collaborates with the Swiss Carambole Theater in Zürich, where he directs 2 later productions for this company.

1995 – Works in co-production with the Israeli Vertigo Company, both in Jerusalem and Budapest.


Since 2000, he studies, practices, and later teaches the Yang style TaiJi Quan martial arts.

2005 – earns his degree in choreography at the Academy of Theatre and Film in Budapest.

2006 – spends one month in Mexico with his company, working on a production entitled Mayan Time and Shadow, in collaboration with the American Thunder Bay and Roman Toaca Theatre.

2006 – works out the method entitled WEIGHT-FLOW-CONTACT (for human relations), a movement-training designed for self-awareness. 

2007 – takes part in the program of Alternative Theatre Festival of Szeged, as curator.

2007 – spends one month in the USA with his company, working on the Hermes 13 production in New Mexico.

2008 – He is awarded the Meritorious Artist prize. 

2010 – launches the one day „performance-pub” series entitled EPHEMER WORKS.

2010 and 2011 – member of the dance committee at Veszprém Dance Festival.

May 23, 2010 (Pilis) – completes his first One-Day-Turn. Further turnings: January 6, 2011 (at Negev Desert), June 21, 2011 and June 21, 2012 (at Pilis mountains)

Professional lectures, contact improvisation trainings and creative workshops

Hungary: Academy of Theatre and Film, Budapest, Dance School, Debrecen 

Germany: Bonn (1987)

Austria: Graz (1987, 1988)

New Zealand: Auckland Art Academy, Wellington, Dunedin, Queens-Churche (1994)

Switzerland: Wasserwerk (1993), Zürich Opera (1995) 

Israel: Jerusalem Dance Academy (1995)

USA: New York – Guggenheim Museum (2000), Santa Fe (2007)

Great Britain: Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama (2002, 2006, 2009)

Slovakia: Letene (2004), Academy of Arts in Banska Bystrica (2014)

Mexico: Palenque – Panchan, San Cristobal (2006)

The Netherlands: Utrecht 

Main Professional Awards

Imre Eck Award, 2019

Rudolf Lábán Award (Critics Award for the Drip Canon production), 2016

Zoltán Imre Award, 2015

Meritorious Artist of the Republic of Hungary Award, 2008

Creator of the Year Award – Award of the Hungarian Dance Association, 2006

Rudolf Lábán Award (Critics Award for the Fox Spirit production), 2006

Gyula Harangozó Award (state honor) for artistic work, 1997

Festival Awards

RAJ – Special Award for Multidisciplinary art – XIX. Veszprém Interdisciplinary Festival, 2016

Golden-fly – Main Prize, XV. Veszprém Interdisciplinary Festival, 2012

Stélé Main Prize, X. Veszprém Interdisciplinary Festival, 2007

Don Quijote Mausoleum – Best stage design and Best Moment Award, XII. Szeged Alternative Theatre Festival, 2006

Don Quijote Mausoleum – Main Prize, IX. Veszprém Interdisciplinary Festival, 2006

The Fox Fairies – „Best alternative theatre company” award, Cultural Committee of the Local Council of Budapest, 2005

Snow Queen – Special Award of the Dance Committee for creative performance and style, III. Children Theatre Showcase, Budapest, 2005

Cain’s Hat – Original Theatrical Languageaward, Velikij Novgorod, „King of Fairy Tales” Festival, 2005

Retina –Best choreography award at X. Alternative Theatre Festival, Szeged, 2004

Snow Queen – Audience Award IV. Dance Festival, Győr, 2004

Reports on Osiris – NKÖM shared Main Prize at XV. Festival of Hungarian Studio Theatres, 2004

Reports on Osiris – Best Direction award at XV. International Experimental Theatre Festival, Cairo, 2003

Reports on Osiris – Main Prize at Bárka Festival of Studio Theatres, 2003

Reports on Osiris – Main Prize at VI. Veszprém Interdisciplinary Festival, 2003

Cain’s Hat – nomination for Total Theater Award, Edinburgh, 2002

Cain’s Hat – Main Prize for Interdisciplinary Art, IV. Veszprém Interdisciplinary Festival, 2001

Gas Heart – Main Prize at Alternative Theatre Festival, 2000

Portrait C – Festival Award at Festival of Hungarian Theatre, Miskolc, 2000

Chinvat – Main Prize at III. Veszprém Interdisciplinary Festival, 2000

Portrait C – Main Prize at II. Veszprém Interdisciplinary Festival, 1999

Turul – Main Prize at Sarajevo International Theatre Festival, 1999

1/8 mm man – Best Direction Award at VIII. International Theatre Festival, Cairo, 1996

Turul – Main Prize, Critic’s Award, and Best Scenography Award at V. International Experimental Theatre Festival, Cairo, 1993

Turul –Best alternative theatre production of the Year” – Cultural Committee of the Local Council of Budapest, 1992

Kaval – Main Prize at III. Budapest New Dance Competition, 1986

Déja vu – Audience Award at I. Budapest New Dance Competition, 1984