tra nguyen exhibition

a DLA masterpiece exhibition
Open: 1-8 february 2022
every day 2pm-6pm
at Artus Kapcsolótér
Finissage 4pm, 8 February 2022

Opened by:
Szegedy-Maszák Zoltán
KissPál Szabolcs
Csanádi Judit
The exhibition will be open between the February 1-8.

The exhibition reflects on the emerging problems of the advertising industry in the age of AI (artificial intelligence) and automation. By addressing the new social phenomena caused by these, the artist presents a critical analysis of the undergoing changes in the structure of contemporary society, with special regard to global political economies.

The artworks reveal the hidden tactics of surveillance capitalism and cyber colonialism, describing the social dilemma of living in a world fully dominated by digital technologies, and attempting to outline some possible solutions for the future.

In the terms of art media, the exhibition makes a metaphorical use of various historical forms of communication and technics: oral, handwriting, analog print, photography, digital print, telephone, television, computer, smartphone, etc., in order to address the inherent characteristics and classical marketing strategies; as well as to highlight the new factors and current master plans of the contemporary media world.

TRA NGUYEN is a Vietnamese artist, who mainly works in the field of Media Art and Design. Currently she is a final year doctoral researcher at Doctoral School, HUFA (MKE), the present exhibition entitled Crack is her graduation show.

By observing the transformation of various emerging phenomena in the everyday life her research – serving as a background for her artistic practice – explores the new structures in society, culture and art. She is currently engaged with a research-based artistic project related to cyberspace, surveillance capitalism, cyber colonialism, and creativity in the age of AI and automation. Her work materializes in various media, such as design, video, interactive media, installation, etc.

She participated in several media art and design exhibitions and festivals in Asia and Europe, her works were shown at Bucharest Biennale, Archives Bordeaux Metropole (France), Chiang Mai Art Center (Thailand), Women’s Museum (Vietnam), Vietnamese National Exhibition of Applied Arts, etc.