Animal viewer

Artus – Company of Gábor Goda

30th January 2021, 20h
from Artus Studio

Performers: Tamás Bakó, Szilvia Izsák, Zita Mayer, Dávid Mikó, Zoltán Mózes, Csilla Nagy, Henrietta Szalay
Musicians: Zsolt Bartek, Sára Goda, Andrea György, György Philipp

Fine artist: Géza Nagy
Light design: Gábor Kocsis
Sound design: Áron Szabó ‘Vasaló’
Creative technique: Gáspár Hajdu
Camera: Balázs Lajti, Máté Lukács, Ádám Kun
Editing: Balázs Lajti
Music leader: György Philipp
Production: Margit Hodován, Mária Hodován

Director: Gábor Goda

We have been working on an extraordinary online video-performance recently. 

Since we are not allowed to play live for people in these strange times, we decided to give an unprecedented chance to a live carp fish to watch our show.
The Animal viewer stands for a unique variation (with music, dance, lights, screenings etc.) of a true, live staged performance.
The video – performance is based on the chosen, revised scenes and images from the Wind Gate and EVERYTHING (AND) productions.

„A walk in the woods, the sound of birds, the company of animals, the nature as such have all good effects on us. If you talk to a plant or an animal, or even sing to them, it has an apparently positive effect on them. Thus, it seems, this is mutual. We do not really understand each other, and yet it feels so good together. Likewise, we don’t try to understand, or interpret music or dance, but simply enjoy and relish it, as it gives us pleasure. The sound, image or movement have powerful effect on us even without understanding or interpreting them. They effect all living beings, humans, plants and animals, equally.

We don’t see the pandemic as a punishment, even though it doubtlessly causes a lot of pain and hardship these days. Every illness is a reaction to our life style. It ruthlessly signals to us, reflects, teaches and motivates us in order to change. It is our human and artistic belief to not merely suffer the current circumstances, but learn from them and with their help bring about true spiritual values.”

(Gábor Goda)

The recording of the performance which was shot from the point of view of a carp, enriched by its reactions to the show, will be available on the 30th of January 2021 from 8pm, in form of online stream on ourYoutube and Facebook channels.