5th September 2020
8 PM
Artus Studio

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Swinging legs? Doing nothing? Now, that is exactly what a mayfly cannot afford itself for its life is so ephemeral and short. Or can it? Can the mayflies „swing their legs” and take it easy given that they have to fulfill the meaning and purpose of their lives during a single day? 

Shall we hurry up, if we are short of time? Are we capable of doing more,
accomplishing more, if we do it hurriedly? Do we experience more, if we do it fast?

What is haste good for?
The one who hurries, is already late – the wise say. But, what does it mean

So, this is the starting point for us.
Let’s see, what the creative team of Artus, thinking and working together, will make out of it.

The outcome:
Theatre (as well), dance (as well), visual arts (as well), music (as well), with
installations, projections, interactive situations, images and words, in brief = Artus.

We meet, spend time together, move, quiver, feel, sense, think, connect, and of course, swing legs.

Creator performers:
Tamás Bakó, Antal Bodóczky, Kati Dombi, Heléna Hrotkó, Szilvi Izsák, Gábor Kocsis, Zita Mayer,
Dávid Mikó, Zoltán Mózes, Csilla Nagy, Tibor Nádor, Henrietta Szalay
Video and creative technique:
Gáspár Hajdu, Gábor Papp
György Philipp, János Palojtay
Gábor Goda