Fume, i.e. the occupancy of theatre – 2019

Production born out of the coproduction of Figura Studio Theatre and Artus Contemporary Arts Studio

What is left of theatre if we strip it of the well–established, conventional norms? If the borders of the auditorium and stage are blurred, the author disappears, and the actor starts to communicate with the present individuals instead of the ‘capital letter’ Audience, on theatre systems, manipulation etc.?

It is said that in the moment of our death, our body-weight lessens exactly with 21 grams. According to some presumptions, these 21 grams stand for the weight of our souls. How is it possible to sum up the 21 grams of the theatre classics in only a few minute long scenes? Fume, i.e. the occupancy of theatre raises questions like the ones above, and more. Instead of providing art entertainment, it offers common thinking and presence to both the audience and performers.

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Zénó Faragó, Norbert-László Mosu, Gábor Kolozsi Borsos, Annamária Máthé, Boglár Tamás, Boróka Bartha, Mária Boros, Gyöngyvér Vajda, Alain Leonard Fodor, Míra Szilágyi

Concept & Director’s assistant:

Gábor Goda


Ágnes Kali

Visual Artist:

Botond Gábor

Stage Designer:

Ferenc Sebestény

Light Designer:

Gábor Kocsis

Music Editor:

Gábor Kolozsi Borsos


László Hudi

Special thanks to István Ocztos and János Greifenstein  (2nd performance)

Supported by Bethlen Gábor Alap (BGA), Nemzeti Kulturális Alap (NKA)