ƧUTRA – 2014

Premiere: 26 April 2014 in Debrecen, and 20 March 2015 in Budapest


The word ‘Sutra’ primarily means “stitch”, though at the same time, it covers essential, concise contents, teachings, and words of wisdom, and the string of these, as well. The word ‘Artus’ read backwards is ‘Sutra.’   

The creative work on the exhibition-like performance started at MANK culture house in Zsennye, in the old park of Beszerédj Castle, followed by a work-stage in India, at Sandrabh Fine Arts Centre, and finally was completed back in Hungary. 

In India, a number of interactive object and video installations, as well as performances were born, reflecting the life situations of the local people, many of whom became involved in the project. The members of the company gathered different artifacts, from faces, sounds and fingerprints to dried cow-chips, sari dresses, and unique portrays of life. 

They did art research in wheat fields, rivers, marble mines, streets, on water-towers, and at family homes. The outcome was the creation of an exhibition/performance entitled Sitar – space at an abandoned fruit market, functioning in practice more like a dump.

“Both in the metropolitan city of Delhi, with population of several million, and the small city of de Partapur with only a few thousand inhabitants, we experienced that India is an almost unbearably noisy country. A maddening cacophony of voices. The city is overcrowded with people blasting their horns, shouting and talking loudly, all is restless and hectic, with a constant yelling that can be heard from every corner – and yet – amidst this external chaos, we could feel, that internally, inside these people there is some kind of gleesome silence and tranquility. Outside, the noise is unbearable, yet inside all is at peace. When we returned home, we found Budapest to be much quieter compared to Delhi. The cars seemed to roll soundlessly along the streets. The people passed each other without saying a word. Nevertheless, you could feel, or even hear, how noisy, impatient, upset, stressed and nervous they were inside, what inner monologues or dialogues are going on deep inside. Here, silence is in the outside, but noise rules within. The strange contrast of these two cultures actuated our later work and its core questions: How can we get from outer noise to inner silence?  How can we eventually give voice to inner silence in a single sound? ”

The clearly and thoroughly structured artwork – composition, specifically designed for the space of Artus studio, comprises a number of different venues and spaces, which the visitor-audience encounters by walking, standing, or taking a seat. The unconventional performance cannot be defined by a single genre – performance, dance, installation, live-installation, new media, interactive musical and visual situations – as they are all equally relevant. 

Although the spectators are not performers, they actively participate in the performance. With their mere presence they organize and form the space, trigger and induce sounds, and even collaborate in a music composition by making use of their own mobile phones.  

The performance ARTUS SUTЯA stands for a thread, a string, a personal voice and sound, a path from outer noise to inner silence. 

Writings, reviews: 

Miklós Eszter Gerda: Mi vagyunk a zene
Turbuly Lilla: Hangok folyója
Kalmár András: Legyen az egész egy utazás

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Creator-performersMárton Debreczeni, Gábor Goda, Gábor Kocsis, Zoltán Mózer, Ágoston Nagy
Creator assistantsBea Gold, Gáspár Téri
DirectorGábor Goda