India, Partapur 2014

The one-month long creative retreat and workshop came off by the cooperation of Sandarbh and Artus Studio in February 2013 in Partapur, India. By taking the local community into the process and by reflecting to their environment, many interactive object and new wave media installations and different artistic actions, performances were born.

We gathered faces, sounds, fingerprints, saris, dried cowpies and subject pictures too. We worked on a wheat field, in a river, up on a watertower, but also in families and on the streets too.

At the end we had a demonstration with the title Sitar-space in a not used fruit market which is practically a sort of rubbish-shoot.

As the result of this workshop was the play called Sutra born.

Participating actors:


Gábor Goda

Bea Gold

Gábor Kocsis

Zoltán Mózer

Ágoston Nagy

Steps of the weeks long workshop in photos:

Gábor Goda: Cowpie on marble

Gábor Kocsis: Rug

Gábor Goda: Chapati

Gábor Goda and Ágoston Nagy: Rolling dice

Gábor Goda: Tea-time

Bea Gold: Water-snake

On the road – in photos: