Forgotten song – 2011

Production of Kompánia Theatre Studio

„Emerged for your steps:

I am your road – not target.

Run slowly on me.”

                      (Ákos Fodor)

Date of premiere: 1st December 2011

Sometimes into words, other times into a song, we mold the secret soul of things, in order to preserve them.

The musicians of Forgotten Song are historians, memory beings. Their concert is a constant attempt to play the music piece that we had long forgotten. They represent the mechanism of remembering and forgetting, at the same time. They forget all that others would consistently keep in mind, whilst searching for memories that nobody else would remember anymore.

The performance is centered around four main themes: the ritual of wake, the labyrinth of rebirth, the living memory and the secret soul of things.

„We are searching for gestures, long forgotten, or gestures that we still use, but have forgotten their meaning and origin, gestures repeated every day as a mantra, not to be forgotten, sometimes uttered in the form of a word, a song, a murmur, to be preserved…”

These are the gestures of common, collective conscience: like cleansing, bathing, forgetting, remembering, mourning, weeping or everyday automatized gestures like putting on and taking off our shoes…


Reviews in Hungarian language

Kutszegi Csaba: A kevesebb több
Vagdalt Krisztina: Bábok tánca



Násfa HANTOS, Miklós HEPPES, Rozália KEMÉNY, László LUKÁCS, Mihály LUKÁCS, Zita MAYER, Zoltán MÓZES, Áron PELVA, Áron PORTELEKI, Henrietta SZALAY

Light designer


Sound & video

Sebestyén LUKÁCS


Gábor GODA