Gasheart – 1999

absurd dance-theater
based on the Dadaist by play Tristan Tzara

„The humour and the scandal intentional dominate his play which will satisfy only industrialised imbeciles who believe in the existence of men of genius.” (Tristan Tzara, 1920)

The play made with cooperation in 1999 is an absurd dance theater performance with a live narrator. Six characters are represented by six dancers while their voice is getting transmitted by one actor who is brilliantly switching among the tones. The characters, the players are parts of a face. Hence, the dialogues translated into movements and images become monologues of a schrizophrenic personality (the gas heart) about his implausible situations and debates with himself. The love of the Eye and the Mouth, the cynicism of the Ear, the whine of the Neck, the folly of the Nose, and the wisdom and humour of the Eyebrow direct the events towards a hilariously tragical marriage.

Reviews in Hungarian:

Halász Tamás: Gáz-szív
Herczku Ágnes: Dada, a populáris

When & where…

Performers: GELTZ Péter (Gas heart) & members of the Vertigo Dance Company
Adi SHA’AL (Eye), Rina WERTHEIM (Mouth)
Shimon MANSURA (Ear), Shai PRATT (Nose)
Gilat AMOTZ (Neck), Inbal ALONI (Eyebrow)
Composer:Ran BAGNO
Hungarian translator:GÁSPÁR Endre
Project managerErnst SÜSS, Amit MANN
Light designer:KOCSIS Gábor
Set designer:GODA Gábor, KOCSIS Gábor, OLDAL István
Coreographers:GODA Gábor, MÁNDY Ildikó, Noa WERTHEIM
Costume designer:BERZSENYI Krisztina
Assistant director:MÁNDY Ildikó
Director:GODA Gábor

Supported by:

Budai Fonó Zeneház, 77 Elektronika, Soros Alapítvány, Nemzeti Kulturális Alapprogram (NKA), NKÖM, Fővárosi Önkormányzat Kulturális Bizottsága, Műhely Alapítvány, Kelet-Magyarországi Táncrégió Központ, Budapesti Őszi Fesztivál

The Ministry of Culture, Education, Sport (Israel), The State of Israel, The Cultural Administration (Israel), The Office for Cultural Connections
(Israel), Municipality of Jerusalem, The Ministry of  Foreign Affair  /  The Embassy of Israel in Budapest, The Gerard Bachar Centre (Jerusalem), The Suzanne Dellal Centre for Dance & Theatre (Tel Aviv)